Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Fall into You.

There's something special about you,
Like you studied all the things a girl could ever want
and kept them stored up, saved for me.
Like you are all the things I could ever have wanted you to be.

There's something special about the way you make me feel,
Like I'm invincible, untouchable,
as special as you.
Like I'm deserving, justified, for feeling the way I do.

There's something special about us,
Like we're unbreakable, unmalleable,
it feels so real.
So supportive,
everything I believe this hand is supposed to deal.

'Ti voglio bene' - I want good things for you,
it doesn't matter if I'm included or not.
I've never felt so unobsessioned, unburdened,
it doesn't matter that I care. A lot.

There's something so special about it,
about the smile you gave me - the one I wear every day,
the one thats not easy to take away
because it was here before you.
You just give me a reason to smile wider
beat faster
laugh louder.

If you weren't real, I'd have made you up.
I used to dream you.
But I don't need dreams anymore,
when this is what is true.


  1. darling, you are too wonderful, too beautiful for words... and i cannot imagine how on earth did i not find you before.

  2. I really love this! All these words just flow so nicely and everything you say here makes me smile:~)

  3. I love this. The best poems are written in the heart itself. I can tell from the joy in this.
    It's a hard lesson to learn when you're coming out of a relationship though, as the feelings are polar opposite eg wanting something unnatainalbe or worse yes losing what you thought youd have for eternity. But on the other hand there are great lessons, joys and sorrows traveling both paths I suppose...In any case He is a lucky man to have found you. <3

  4. Lucky you, you found your Mr. Darcy *sigh*

  5. But I don't need dreams anymore, when this is what is true.
    How my heart aches with joy that you found this!

    I'm still looking, but I know it's out there.