Monday, 26 July 2010

Break From Yourself.

I just want to be alone. There is no other explanation. I am so exhausted of the stories and the smiles, the exaggerations and the lies. I want to take 10 books, sit on an island and read. No one around me. And yet my life could never work like that. It is too hectic. Everyone wants something, and how long could I really last anyway? My every thought, every action, every conversation, photo, being… all laid out for you to see. Judge me, piece by piece, and I wont even know. I want to disconnect, go somewhere no one knows my name. Start new, no expectations to reach. No prerequisite me, that i need to pretend to be.


  1. I sometimes wish I could do the same.

  2. You can and should make it happen - you can do anything you want to. Only one life to live, and you should live it for you and only you. Good luck!

  3. We all want to be left alone at one point, but something my Father said the other hit homeand relates to this post I think, he said, “As a human race there is nothing we cannot do, apart from one exception, and that is to live alone with no other human contact.” Although many psychologists would perhaps aim at the opportunity to do a study on that I am sure, I think what he meant was, we cannot exist in this world without human interaction, its what keeps us sane. However I do understand your post in how sometimes you wish to be just left alone. These days it is far too easy for people to know where you are, what your doing, due to Facebook and other social networks. Which is why I keep my Facebook profile to a minimum. If my friends what to see me, they know where I am at. There is no need to pry on me in the virtual world, get out there and meet people.

    Excuse me for the long comment, hehe I think I got a bit carried away. But I loved your post so much and it was so thought provoking. Thank you for the post on your blog, keep writing, you are very interesting.


  4. I feel exactly the same, but I thought why can't I? And now I'm moving to a new town and to a new life. It hurts so much to leave everything behind, but sometimes you just know what's right.

    I hope everything works out for you!

  5. rx

    wear a toy dinosaur
    around your neck
    on a white string
    for a week

    let the dinosaur
    be you and you be him

  6. I get this! I do love to socialize, but all I strive for is to be alone. I am so drained.

  7. fwiw the poem means take a week vacation alone.
    if you not tied down you can just go'

    hope you feel beter soon

  8. what do you want to do
    so much that you would
    start taking action or
    seriously planning now
    if you had enough money
    & werent afraid to do it

    someone offered me a
    month long paid trip
    to any us city today
    CA or NY is where id go
    i did not accept
    I kind of have a new goal
    that will take a lot of effort
    and i want to stay here
    but i was wondering if i was
    becoming addicted to the blogs

  9. @thequietchair @mestida - that is exactly what I'm going to do. Next year I'm taking a year out - I cant wait. Goodluck with your goals.