Tuesday, 13 July 2010


And when it all falls down around you, do not be surprised. Did I not warn you? Were you not listening? And once again you have confused yourself with god, you thought you were the almighty. You thought you could predict and decide the course of the world and the routes we would take. But once again you have been proved wrong. Is this not enough times now? we need to appreciate what is before us, there is a strength around us that is untouchable, it arises with the sun every morning and surrounds the moon every night. Do not fight it. Simply succumb. Resistance is futile. And do you not think it is so arrogant to fight the way in which things have been done since the first footsteps graced the sky. And yet if it were not so would we ever have gotten there? the importance of midnight phonecalls, of unspoken words, of the reasons behind the games, they are never considered. It is the obvious that is transparent. The obvious that is relevant. And yet the unconscious decisions could be the ones that matter most. The ones that occur beneath the surface, that our veins haven’t summed up the courage to inform our brains about yet. The secrets that take place beneath our skin are infinite. When are you going to have enough time to get to know yourself? No these things you write, the ones that are supposedly so deep… ,that’s not what you really feel. This is just what has been predestined, you haven’t found the truth yet.

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