Thursday, 8 July 2010

Ebb And Flow

Pride is a pitfall. It will make you feel things you do not truly feel, make you question decisions that were once considered unquestionable. And when you lose yourself in the strands of the wind, allow yourself to be blown, weightless, meaningless. What will become of those strands that make you who you are? Will they be separated, ripped to shreds, no longer able to make you you. And when you are so lost in your head and in the world you have created, will you notice the changes? When you stop believing in the things you once believed in, the new beliefs are false. They are temporary, and weak, like an undeveloped inkling in your brain that has yet to form the genius plan you so desperately are trying to come up with. There are no stepping stones to lead you where you need to go, somehow you need to lay them down yourself. And every step you take in life is a new one. Unchartered territory. New opportunity. But it can all begin to feel so repetitive. In a self imposed haze it is hard sometimes to grasp onto the thoughts that swirl and battle to be at the forefront. Numbness is emerging, so tiring these thoughts that often seem irrelevant. Who really cares? They are all temporary, they are all fleeting. Let them pass through and extinguish themselves in the caverns in your brain, those you will never reach. They are harmless.

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