Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Dear Anxiety,

Where did you come from, and why are you here? I cannot believe you still appear in my dreams. How can you be so unaware of something, but a particle of your brain remembers. One molecule, that continues to give you grief even when you are blissfully unaware that you're even bothered by something. And it's very strange that you feature so heavily, so highly, so often in my sleep, when you don't enter my body at all when I am awake. And I wake up anxious because that is your very essence. Because you kill me time and time again in my dreams. Succeeding in what you tried daily, but failed, to achieve when I am awake.

Photography: Muzi


  1. <3 Keep fighting, because you are amazing.
    And pff, what is anxiety in comparison to amazingness? Nothing, at all.

  2. Life is Dangerous, fear is natural. It reminds us how precious living is. Anything could go wrong, something is bound to. But despite this, maybe even because of this, life is beautiful. It will never be safe, never secure, the body will die, Love lives on. ~xo

  3. "Because you kill me time and time again in my dreams" i would say nothing but that, amazing

    thanks for commenting, xxo

  4. this speaks to me in ways i can not describe.

    it is amazing what happens to us in our dreams.
    it's like our world is completely shaken up.
    reality leaves us, and the doors open to all sorts of things.

    you are so wonderful.

  5. Dreams sometimes manifest our true desires we supress in order to survive. Sometimes. Dreams filter and reconcile the chosen path. Its all there to help you.