Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Wall Yourself Away.

And you are so together in your aloneness, that you make everyone feel like an outsider to that. We couldn't possibly understand. Our smiling faces are to opposite to your downturned one. Our laughing voices, too loud for your occasional croaking. Our hearts too full to comprehend your walled up one, full also, but only with self pity. And we feel like outsiders when we try to fit into you, when we try to understand. But for all those moments that we are not trying, all those moments where you sit with your head bowed, eyes fixed to an unmoving point. -- it is you who feels like the outsider. You are so together in your aloneness. We can't even try pierce you.

Photography: Me.


  1. There is such beautiful truth running through this. Such sad truth. So many of us are alone. Sometimes the walls around us are those built only by our selves, intentionally, manically, hurriedly. Yet somehow, sometimes, we feel we cannot escape them.
    Loneliness is terrible.

  2. we can't even pierce you, no matter how much we try.

    amazing, once again.

  3. Ah, I am so glad that someone is taking the time to love themselves. (Because people are so fragile and sometimes it's so hard for them to realize that they're the only ones that can keep themselves together.)

  4. Self Love and Reflections are our Best Friends all else in life are bonus

  5. I love to be alone. I miss myslef when I can't be, but I love you too. It's just a balance problem.