Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Lets pretend I am as unaffected as these fields I'm pacing,
And lets pretend the rain is the only thing falling fast.
I'm busy with this wall I'm at war with,
And it looks like I'm coming in last.
And I spend my time wrestling with bricks.
You constantly teasing from the other side.
But I don't know what will happen if I get there,
Everything new gets old.
The ideas I have of what this consists of...
They are all wrong.
And they are throwing me off course.
Its all or nothing,
All or nothing.
Is there no middle?
Can we just pretend I am as unaffected as these fields I'm pacing...
There must be an answer somewhere.

Photography: Muzi.


  1. meditation is finding the middle
    i should try it sometime...
    unknowable futures just around corners

    be safe and have a merry xomas :)

  2. I'm forever searching for the middle, that wide space we walk through unknowingly, that white noise we speak over, that unknown emptiness.
    Searching becomes tiring. Yet... so does running.

    I've missed you.

  3. oh i wish there was a middle.
    this was very beautiful. thank you.

  4. let's pretend we aren't pretending

  5. Those Bricks slowly tumble down as you wrestle with them through out your life .
    Not as Quickly as some would rather like you too .
    Time you get there everything new to you becomes old .
    Everything has changed
    Everything is not waiting
    Promises seem to evaporate as never been made
    You see it's better not to pretend in first place than facing that Reality wouldn't become a shock .
    Once you finial get to that one place
    that becomes your day of Beauty to shine
    of your soul radiating within the rays of the sun
    that becomes You
    Those that didn't care to be there ,once you finial arrived
    shall never share those rays of sunshine that flows out to ever Dew Drop that melts away in the rays of sunshine

    You stand Proud with a smile
    That you made it through all
    Without pretending
    just the beauty of