Monday, 10 January 2011

Hello, Welcome In..

''Hello, welcome in. Please leave your baggage at the door.''
And the words furl and unfurl before her like a yard of thread she twists herself in,
and around,
in and around.
''Leave your baggage at the door.'

She tries,
She tries so hard.
She doesn't need anything in them after all...

But her hands curl and uncurl around them,
Unable to let go she just shakes her head in dismay
''Its all I've got'' she whispers
''These lessons that I've learnt... they are all I have left''

So she grips to the past as if they are the keys to her future.
As if she can't make her own path.
As if the same baggage can be used for every trip.
As if she can't start a new journey.


  1. And she should... and I hope she can see that someday.

  2. I love you.
    My new blog address is , if you like.
    Do be well.