Thursday, 13 January 2011

Wipe Me Clean.

''Learn from your mistakes''
The voice wanes but never fades,

She had been told this
since she could remember.

But perhaps mistakes dont remain mistakes forever
Perhaps the circumstances surrounding them make all the difference.

But these words that have become habit
are getting in your way.
What use are these mantra's
that only function to slow you down
and make you doubt yourself?

Let's start again
Wipe me clean
Let's start again.


  1. Nice post. Not completely related but...despite knowing better I will still take the shortcut sometimes. Mistakes taken on purpose
    don't have a great success rate, but they sometimes do work out. It's like gambling. I wonder if learning is harder when struggling with ADD/ ADHD for this reason.

    1. Do you not have a selection process of some sort as to how much you involve your attention on a particular subject of interest or particular individuals? If you're not selective than your intelligence suffers because your mind is in constant rehearsal and unable to grow. Quit labelling and trying to brand people maliciously ty

  2. One of my favorite posts from you! Mistakes don't remain mistakes forever, and your life can't be forever shadowed by the wrong choices you make.

  3. i wish we could be wiped clean.
    start over.
    i would be so grateful for a second chance.