Sunday, 23 January 2011

Language of Lovers.

I'm falling deeper in love with words every day... They have this ability to build or break, caress or cloy... devour or destroy. They can show you what a thousand broken smiles, a million tears cannot. They are so easy to use, empty promises so easy to deliver. But they fill the holes in my pores, explain what my heart beat and dry mouth cannot. They have the ability to mend, those words that fit into the folds of your skin, like a lullaby a mother who actually cares would sing her child to sleep. Some words have the ability to change your life, to change the language you use to see the world through.

You fix me daily.


  1. I also see words as lovers; I still, somehow, believe in that kind of romance. What I found out, however, was that sometimes, just as with any lover, there is disconnect, there is distance. That I cannot touch words the way I want to.

  2. Words are the only things never let me down.

  3. i agree with margg, words never leave me.