Sunday, 6 February 2011


Theres something new pumping through my veins. Something so far from the vains of old.
Vanity brought me nowhere, but to the mirror time and time again.

''You are so beautiful.''
It was what every little girl had fought tooth and nail and claw to hear.
Sobbing into the pillow, 'tell me again, tell me again.''

But anything in excess is bad. And she found herself in front of the mirror time and time again.
Head unbowing, eyes unblinking
''You are so beautiful.''

She had so much more
but reflected in the mirror and all that she had been told,

she had nothing else.


  1. oh, this is so beautiful.
    it really, really is.

  2. Oh god. I am in love with this.

  3. Everything in moderation, including moderation.

  4. ^that comment sums up my thoughts.
    this was lovely <3

  5. stunning... i love it.

  6. I need to hear that which is not reflected. I know it is there, but how can I believe it when I cannot see it? I want you to notice and tell me there's more. Can you feel me?
    I really love what you said here;~)