Sunday, 27 February 2011


I may not remember every individual diamond encrusted, glittering sweet of a word you whisper to me
late at night,
But I can feel the shimmery haze of them
all lined up,
pressed together.

Each one squirming to be heard over the promises of the others.
How could the cold ever get a word in edge wise?
There's nowhere for it to go.

Your words drape over me,
I can feel them.
Your warmth is melting me,
turning me over on your tongue.

Don't spit me back out.


  1. Wonderful. I adore this because I can empathise wholly with it. I love the vivid imagery of the words; they, however spoken, have become an entity of their own. Visible, touchable.

  2. Oh how simply amazing and so full of imagery. Lovely pieve of prose. I (heart)

  3. isn't love the most divine of all ,to open your soul up to truest love of all .

    to find your true destination with the right heart .

    i believe ,life has a way of unfolding as always expected too.