Thursday, 17 February 2011


There are words I can't push out,
although I can taste them on my tongue.

I miss you
I want you

Don't leave me alone.

The words are foul tasting and leave a bitter streak as I swallow them back down.



  1. I understand. I just understand.

  2. <3 I love your posts. Always.

  3. what have i done to stand firm ,to tell the truth ,though really never knew how many people ,could stoop so low in one life time ,for only having a one sided story .
    though that's really alright too ,He used to make many perform as little puppets and do his dirty work as his own hands be clean .
    well it seems so funny here ,that for almost ,seemed like 4 hours ,the local police ,had been going so slow ,through my laptop,that really didn't think they ,would get it all done .
    Smiling though we all know how they can be slow .

    Think they got enough information needed from Wow Smiling you just won't believe it though ,as puppets we shall all become .

    though it seems the local police dislikes being a puppet at one time .
    They seemed to be really enjoying there search

    Maybe we can all really meet in person one day
    You think

    now I can Truly tell you Good Bye
    Smiling ...

  4. Insatiable.

    Want and need, are slowly killing me.