Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Everything is Temporary.

The words everything is temporary, in that order, with all its curves and complexities. Those words, they saved my life. They changed me. They showed me light when I thought there was none. Comforted me with the knowledge that I wouldn’t feel the way I was feeling forever. That nothing really lasts forever anyway, and why had I ever thought differently? Those words, they explained all of life’s mysteries to me. Why he never called, why she betrayed you, why they changed, why you changed, why he died. I owe my life to those words. I owe my life, my sanity to those words. As an ode to temporary I tattooed the word on my foot. I preach it almost too often. I live it almost even more. Living with the idea that everything is temporary, so far imprinted into your brain, into the very fibre of your being, its difficult to say the least. It makes it harder to assess what is worthwhile, if whatever it is is only for a while anyway. I almost feel the need to fulfil it, to make the prophecy true.


  1. I really adore this one! Beautiful writing. Oh, nothing like permanent ink to keep you grounded...I have 29 tattoos on my upper body alone!

    Hugs & Rugburns

  2. So true. Your writing is so powerful and honest. I really like it!