Monday, 18 October 2010

Under Your Thumb.

I can't stand people who try and make you question yourself with every remark, every sly glance your way. For so long you successfully kept me so under your thumb. For so long I failed to even think of fighting my way out, I didn't even want to. I'm not sure what more to say, Fuck Off. It's none of your business. And although it's sad that you can one day not know anything about the person you once knew every single thing about, it makes sense, they are brand new after all. And if the cells in my body regenerate every second, why shouldn't I?

Photography: Muzi.


  1. i so agree with this. i hate it when people make you question them or what you mean to them, or vice versa.
    cell regeneration kinda freaks me out. i was a completely different person 7 years ago. i guess i was, anyway...

  2. i love the last part of this.
    the idea of regeneration, is so fascinating.

  3. Love it!!! so true! You are right, like a body cell we gonna regenerate, such a beautiful metaphor!

  4. Beautiful.... you can't ever stop regenerating, even if you want to. It's scary and fantastic all at the same time.