Saturday, 16 October 2010

The Up In Flames.

And even though like i said, I know that everything is temporary. Even though I know that sooner or later, you will have to say goodbye... It still shocks me when I witness it. Let's raise a glass to the deceased. And how can you bear to lift your arm to do so? How does the heaviness thats in your heart not translate to that? The throbbing, the goosebumps, the splintered, sharp edges of your broken heart digging into you, how does that not translate into the broken smile on your face? And the goodbye that has to, and therefore does come tumbling out through your half upturned lips, tripping and falling over itself, as it escapes the warmth and what it knows... how does it manage to force itself out?

Photgraphy: Muzi.


  1. I asked Tim, would he believe me, if I told him I would die for him? And though he saw the romance in it, he saw the passion, and my undeniable love; perhaps he saw what more lay underneath.. The fear, I cannot quieten, to be left here in this world, without him. Is it selfish, I wonder, to need to be gone before he; simply because I cannot exist without him?
    Death is but a part of life, they told us, time and again. And quietly I realised; I cannot fear death myself, for it is what I could only beg for, if it were in the face of another.


  2. Some things are too hard to put into words, and just to feel them is enough.
    But it's the things that are too much to feel that keep me moving on.

  3. Stay you. Don't try to reinvent what isn't broken. Embrace, build, persevere, and you will be more complete than a fractured reimagining of what seems correct.
    -- fondly

  4. say goodbye it's the worse part. But will pass. Passed to me, took me some time, but went way. you'll also get that. xx