Saturday, 23 October 2010

Who Wins?

And when the devil loses, on those rare occasions, I think it might feel even worse than when he wins. At least when he wins, you got what you wanted too. When he loses, you just got what you think, what you thought you deserved. Maybe you are supposed to let the devil win. This battle is so tiring, so pointless, when all I want is to give in.

Photography: Muzi.


  1. You know?, is not always about evils or heavens, life is a flux, follow it, swim in it, maybe you should give in. Maybe you are kinda evil after all. How are the people you use to be close to? are they good, bad ... ? well, I think that is very accurated of what we are, if you feel good, then .. what is the problem?

    Hope I helped Anon.

    Have a nice day.

  2. good is all subjective anyway

  3. Someone wise once said the only person who has to live with the choices, compromises and the sacrifices is yourself :-) So whether it be the devil or not your truth and your desired outcome is perhaps all that matters in that moment? Sometimes, as you say, its too tiring ro fight all the time, especially if you are fighting yourself.

    Thanks for this post - so intense and beautifully written. I share your feelings!

  4. what i love about this most is that it is for you.

    sometimes we have to put ourselves first.

  5. i love both the picture and the text, it's great, tonight i'm gonna think about it, thanks for passing and commenting,

  6. Ah, what is loss anyway?
    This world is all so temperate.
    There's nothing certain, there's nothing solid.
    Sometimes I wish there was.

  7. At the end of the day we all win, the reason and answer just takes time to reveal itself.

  8. i think, the most ironic part of the whole thing, is that we never get what we want.