Tuesday, 7 September 2010


I would love someone to make me question this newly acquired independence of mine. Make me want to give it up. Throw me against the wall. Make me want to succumb. I know you have it in you. I know theres someone out there who can make me believe. Make me complacent. I will fight you with every ounce of me. But please just try. Make me give in. My headstrong head, its becoming too heavy now, too strong.

Photography by: Sebastiano Pitruzzello


  1. I recognize this picture! One of my favorites...

    Independence is indeed a heavy burden.

  2. Anon
    You know what they say about independence . . .
    “The man least dependent upon the morrow goes to meet the morrow most cheerfully.”
    Great post!
    My Best

  3. I'm just now getting a hold of it again...I don't want to give it up...but I do get this;~)

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    tks a lot (:

  5. oh yes.
    i think that's the problem i'm suffering from too.
    being too head-strong.

  6. Don't be in a hurry to surrender your soul, draw it close to protect against the chill of loneliness. When Love does call, you know you don't stand a chance to resist it.