Saturday, 4 September 2010


I have had the best day of my life. Pure unfiltered, unaltered fun. And the smiles on the hundreds of faces around me prove I’m far from being the only one. Theres something about music that feeds you, fills something deep inside you. and I love it. Its enough sometimes to make me want to cry, that feeling you get of pure bliss, completely untouchable. And I jump, and ooze swagger out of my Nike trainers. And I feel it flow through me, high up. Please don’t talk to me now. I am part of this beat that is shaking the floor and your inhibitions. You cant touch me now. Theres nothing that can take it away. And once the music stops, you are left with the ringing in your ears, and the memory of the best day ever.


  1. may the good times keep rolling !!!

  2. Music is like nature's pulse..I can feel it in my veins.