Friday, 17 September 2010

Its About That Time.

At what point do you put down your ego and think okay fine, maybe this IS my fault? At what point do you put your pride aside and think okay fine, maybe I DO need to make some adjustments? Change is inevitable, change is good, I know this. Everything is temporary. So maybe the mind frame I’m in now, the one I’ve been in for a while now, maybe that’s temporary too. Maybe I don’t need so very many walls around me. Maybe I can let my guard down a bit, stop snapping back. Stop with my quick retorts for every compliment, every comment. Aiming to displease. If you can get past this obstacle course, I’m the prize I’m dangling at the end. Who do I think I am?


  1. i feel everything that you write.
    especially this.

    you are amazing.

  2. Obstacle courses can't last forever, right? Eventually you muster through and arrive at the Gatorade. Correct?

    Listen more. To my Mom? So confused...