Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Her head bowed, she focused on keeping the tears out of her eyes, as long as she could do that, she thought to herself, everything would be okay, he wouldn’t die. God would see the effort she was making, and give him a few more breaths, enough to last an eternity. That was the only option as far as she could see, how could she live without him? There was no way. You know when you meet that person… the one you know every single thing about? You know, when you meet that person… the one who’s front moulds so perfectly around your back when your sleeping? No? well, neither did she. You killed him before he could become that.


  1. I think that is called self-protection. Kill him before he kills you. But we all want that front mould. At least I do..

  2. I really love this one - so true.