Friday, 13 August 2010

Bruised ego's heal slower than broken hearts.


  1. im guessing 6 mos. as the average to heal
    a broken heart ( to a heart on the mend)
    what say ye? does it matter?
    Im just curious if im in the ballpark for an avg.
    as I am a statistics fanatic ( esp. baseball)

    The ego thing I dont know about. I wouldnt mind an explanation if anyone is up for it...but dont go out of your way. By explanation I mean an example of a bruised ego and possibly how long it would take on average to heal. If this post is dumb, just ignore it. Im trying to be as honest as possible, attempting to learn more about that which is unclear to me.

  2. Very very true.

    @thequietchair the healing of broken hearts is not something so trivial as to be measured in statistics. Everyone's heart will heal at their own time. And even so, the person is irrevocably changed by the process. It's not the same as baseball.

  3. @thequietchair - I agree with Abby, you cant really measure how long, but 6 months sounds like enough time to get you on the road at least. A bruised ego I think is when someone forces you to change the perception you have on yourself. Not sure yet how long it takes to heal, but I hope soon.


  4. Maybe never... maybe we just learn to live with the pain.