Thursday, 5 August 2010

I Know You Better Than You Know Yourself, They Said.

And people too often make accusations, question your character with only fragments of proof. And people too often believe, and begin to question themselves, wondering which of these fragments are true. I have been told many times what I am, and what I am not. I have believed too often, doubtful of myself, succumbing to you, when I should have known the truth. You can never know another person in the ways you assume you can. Actions and words are not always, if ever, carried out under the guise of complete awareness or understanding. What appears irrational to you may tumble very genuinely, completely rational, from those parts of my brain you cannot see-through. It makes perfect sense to me. It doesn’t need to, to you.


  1. Too many times people find out things from what you say yourself, for example,

    GIRL "I have a spot on my face today."
    BOY "Really? I didnt know. Oh I see now."

    We think people realise something about ourselves, yet step out to make the first identification for ourselves before they do, when in natural fact if we had kept our mouth shut the other person wont necessarily have known. I know this is a stupid example and the BOY could be just being polite and maybe he did see it, but dig deeper in your imagination and you will find other examples. Never say to the other person, this and that looks awful on me, or I look horrible, or Im not very good at this, because most likely event is they will take in these negative thoughts and store them in their cognitive mind and remember them instead of remember the good stuff.

    If you know what I mean ;) hehe because it makes sense in my head right now but not so clear on the screen hehe.


  2. @moi - I completely understand, its beyond true. I'm trying to stop doing that.


  3. I was thinking of this the other day. Someone was not understanding why I use twitter. What's there to understand? You don't need to understand why I use twitter. Just accept me.

  4. I don't understand MYSELF.

  5. people who think ( really they are charlatans just lying ) they know you so well are called


    There is a tendency to follow them, even thought what they say is imho often disgusting.
    On the other hand, some people feel happy i a cult, so who am I to judge them.

  6. anon, if he/she was just tyring to understand why you use twitter, then why not tell?

    If he/she was trying to persuade you to stop using twitter that is a little weird and does not bode well but if he/she was tyring to correct you or improve you by persuading you to end your tweets then hes/shes a Borg ( see star trek 2g)and will eventually try to assimilate you. You will have no mind of your own and be part of a collective- a cult with a collective guru. Those are actually kind of rare in most places, but what is all too common is to give oneself away to another thinking that person has great intellegence, creative power, or knowledge that will guide you. The odds just keep getting worse as the person becomes more and more separated from their real self. I guess at some point there comes a point of no return, unless youre really lucky and somehow have a reawakening of the self somehow.

  7. Abby, do you understand why you use twitter?

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