Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Silence.

Sometimes the silence gets so loud, nothing you say could ever be heard over it. Sometimes it gets so thick, its unpiercable. The thought of screaming and trying so desperately, is no longer an option. And so the silence mutes you. and deaf and dumb you remain.


  1. Equal and opposite

    Sometimes the silence gets so soft I have to strain to hear it holding all the noise together. Sometimes it gets so thin, i can barely feel it piercing through the heart of everything. Your thoughts are distorted echos of her effortless whisper. Let the silence speaks for you, when there is nothing clearer you could say.

  2. Sometimes silence is it's own sound... and more.

  3. Sometimes silence is good, and sometimes it is bad, like in this case. And someone needs to break the silence.

  4. the silence can be deafening. you can scream yourself hoarse, and you won't hear your own voice.

    you know what echoes louder than silence? second-guessing. yourself. your emotions. your feelings. your thoughts. your goddamn choices that seem to follow the same stupid pattern and put you in the same stupid position time and time again, even though you promised yourself you learned your lesson the first time. the second time...

    but you thought it was going to be different. and it's not just a bullshit excuse or justification. it was hope. the dwindling spark of stupid, false hope that turned an optimistic light on inside, wishing for someone to take pity this time when you gave them the power to destroy you. the hope that they wouldn't.

    but the temptation of gleeful evil just proves too much. every. fucking. time.

    sometimes though, the silence is just the right canvas - just the right loudness for you to realize that you can broadcast your own message in this beautiful virgin medium, even if you can't hear it. even if you're already deaf - you can still give a warm and beautiful fuck you! to those spiteful pricks with acid in their veins and coal in their chests.

    and they too will go deaf, and it won't be a slow fade from inferno to ashes. but it will be a glorious blaze of destructive cacophony that will tear their through viscera, appendage by appendage, tissue by tissue.

    and it won't make you feel better at all.