Sunday, 8 August 2010


I woke up today with a good feeling about the world. The beach can do that to you. in a place of such natural beauty, what can you find to be unhappy about? Eyes closed, head back, listening to the waves and the wisdom they hush hush upon your shores. Infinite, untouchable. The definition of permanence. But the problem with absolutely perfect summer days is that they are bulls eyes for something to go outright wrong.


  1. comet asteroid or meteor? i always ask myself that question when im enjoying myself at the beach. Actually though, you only have to think about the feeling on your skin to know something is going wrong. So put on some lotion, read an interesting book about how UVA,B & now even C are damaging your skin,sowing the seeds of cancer & cataracts, take a deep breath and relax. There is a lot of stuff going on inside your body that is hard to detect on a day today basis,but it is ging on. I like to read about it and i like to be proactive...for me its fun and part of the fun is to live alittle healthier and learn a little about the how the body works. There really arent a lot of supplements that you need to take imho but in the winter if youre north of the mason dixon, you probably should be taking vitamin D3 ( due to lack of sunshine directly on skin ech day during winter months) the water is inviting...knowing all the horrible things in there and what could happen, i still love to loll around in the shallow water
    and after that first minnow nibbles on me i invite their return convinced that the odds are in my favor & that nothing worse will happen

  2. I hope nothing went wrong...

  3. 'the only thing to fear is fear itself'
    - f.d.roosevelt

    that said, i hope something bad didnt happen too!

  4. @abby @rivercat - nothing went wrong :)