Thursday, 12 August 2010

Story Of My Life.

And I hate that you feature so strongly in the story of my life when you are irrelevant now. Like a lead actor that dies early on, but the plot revolves around him. And you thought you were the centre of the universe, or rather the universe itself. You are neither. You are the big bang. And I evolved from you.


  1. i know there are no absolutes, but as a guy of 18 i am curious. Do you think girls prefer the stuck up master genious alpha male who comes accross as a softy at times or the kind but hesitant handsome loser type ( pussy)
    I think I am closer to a pussy than the the other one, but I sometimes can jump into tough situations and do pretty well. Just curious...and are you still in love? i mean like you would want this alpha-stud master type back if he asked?

  2. I love this. I had a guy like this in my life before, and he was so self-centered and loved it when everyone paid attention to him. I liked him so much for a while, and it was destroying me. I evolved from him, and I can proudly say that.

    Anonymous commenter: Go get a life. Why would she want a self-centered jerk back?

  3. because love is hard to leave sometimes even if you know the person is kind of just saying...and dont tell me you dont know a few relations that are probably only built on fear of begin alone! I am realist, and sorry if i dont have a life you like and im not as cool as you. I prefer mine because its differnt than the sickness i see everywhere, but also live in a world with people like you who tell me to get a life so i try to be calm about all the critcs and people labeling me a pussy or telling me to get a life because i ask a question. I guess some questions are stupid, and because i asked a forbidden one , your cool and im a pussy.
    That doesnt mean i really am one...but im just saying...why does everything have to turn into you calling me something insulting

  4. Wow! "you are the big bang" priceless. Without that kick-start who would we be? But generally it only takes one and your orbit is set.

    I also wonder If I could survive that pressure, that heat, that tearing apart again. Because despite all the pain, you got admit it's never dull.

  5. Wow, I must agree with Whatever.
    'You are the big bang' is a beautiful and inspiring line. It's a statement using so few words, but the truth and emotion behind it are still felt so deeply. We can all relate and feel along with you, and that is what makes for great writing.

    I admire you for this little gem of an experience, and only hope that you're better because of it.
    Your writing is strong and beautiful, just like you. :)


  6. @anonymous - Different girls like different types of guys. Many do like an alpha male, I often fall into this category. As to whether I would take him back - never, after all, I have evolved.

  7. thanks anon.its not jealousy but their arrogance i find so repulsive. I also think they
    would do the world a favor if they would become a bit more humble and have a more open mind.
    Finally an attraction to them i consider a sign of a lack of self etseem at the deepest level.
    You are a wonderful person i would guesss, so i hope nothing ive said here seems like a judgement of you. Im talking aout people i actually know or have known...ive enjoyed reading your thoughts.

  8. @anonymous - I can imagine it must be so annoying for those guys not like that. I dont think its a lack of self esteem on the girls part, perhaps sometimes, but others it could be that they need someone with a high self esteem, to match their own.
    Thanks for reading.


  9. anon, you are correct. My post was rediculous and not completely honest and it showed my failings and sometimes lack of sincerity online. I think alpha men are intersting, whatever they are, and If I was a girl I would probably want to try one out myself just out of curiosity, if i found one that wasnt completely full of himself. You are very kind in your reply...and forgive my posting as i was in a bad mood . I will try not to ever post when Im feeling like that again. Thanks K++

  10. I have this guy in my life now, he fucks with my feelings a lot but I just can't let him go. It sucks big time..

    by the way, I love that song to and the lyrics!