Friday, 27 August 2010

Can't Stop Thinking.

And all death leave you with is that nagging feeling. You should have been here. And I cant stop thinking it. The years are good to us. Your missing out on what would have been the best years of your life. And as horrible as that is, I cant stop thinking it. How unfair, what a horrible joke. Life, or rather death, snatched you away, like a dropped egg, moments before hatching. We’re legal now, we can do and joke and say all the things we were once aspiring to. We’re doing all the things we once planned to, but your not here, and I cant stop thinking it. If love, if tears were enough, you would be here. But somehow its not, and neither are you. and I cant stop thinking it.


  1. It reminds me of the loss of my best friend at 16 to a tragic accident that I should have experienced with her.

  2. Death takes away bodies, but love can live forever. In your thoughts or in your heart, in who you are, you honour all those who shaped who you become.

  3. @zonedin - It reminded you, for good reason, the same thing pretty much happened to me. So sorry about your best friend.

    @Whatever - Thankyou for your kind words. 'Aint that the truth.


  4. every minute is another face to distract you from the only one you miss and every face is another minute away from the guilt.

    don't stop counting the minutes.
    you're not alone.
    i ache too.

  5. I have discovered something interesting. Maybe not so much interesting as painful, fucking bittersweet. The drug of choice here, here in the city of dreams, here in the gallery of god's mistakes, the drug of choice here is amnesia.

    Because the heart is never fully done with grief. Never done and you know this. The heart is never done with grief and it can only ever be buried. Buried and only by the really great liars. The great ones who can push it deep and deeper until it's nothing more than the occasional rumbling, the occasional sinking in the pit of their stomach.

    And while I'm good, I'm not great.

    So instead, I remember.

    Once upon a time I was loved, and I loved and I am grateful that that once upon a time included you, even if we didn't get our happily ever after.