Thursday, 19 August 2010

So In Control.

Don’t think it or it will be so. Don’t utter a single word in the presence of yourself. If you knew how powerful the mind is, you would never again think a negative thought.


  1. Love this post.

    It really makes me think about so many things...

  2. The mind is powerful indeed, It is her that twists and turns trying to discern what positive even is. In the presence of myself I hear only her echo's whisper though twisted tracks of thought.

    But it's the words Gods whisper in my absence that touch me the most.

  3. i feel that since i interpret this as talking about certain uncertainties, keeping that perspective, while not stifling the growth, could tend to keep a lid on the importance given it/them. Creative insanity on a leash so to speak. In my experience this has led to a greater undertanding of absurdity, while allowing for absurd realities to be in a sense documented for the purpose of discriminating between the two at some potential point in the future.

  4. I still can't walk on cracks for fear of breaking my mother's back.

  5. the mind is powerful that's true. everyone had a chance to know it somehow.

    but is it works also with the good thoughts?